sunglasses kid releases 80s inspired album

“A cinematic 80’s pop mason…” - Portals Music

“Innocent vibes and feel-good synthpop” - EDM Sauce

“Like a record rescued from a time capsule” - Earmilk


British Producer Sunglasses Kid is releasing his debut album, Graduation this Valentine's Day, February 14th, on London based indie label, Aztec Records.


Graduation is a mix of funky 80’s pop, rap, ballads and cinematic instrumentals with guest artists that include; Salt Lake City rapper, Rhyme Time (recently on America’s Got Talent with House of Lewis), indie pop singer and songwriter I Am Harlequin, and new emerging artists, SJBRAVO (Aztec Records), Miranda Carey and JJ Mist.


In 2013 his self-released EP “Unpredictable” earned Sunglasses Kid a top spot in the underground synthwave scene. He quickly built a following of dedicated online fans who love his unique brand of upbeat 80’s pop, classic ballads and instrumentals inspired by the movies and fashion of the time.


In 2015 Sunglasses Kid got noticed after he teamed up with hip sunglasses brand Tens to make a spoof infomercial that instantly went viral, earning praise from Esquire and The Drum magazine who both noticed the “epic” soundtrack.


Last year Sunglasses Kid performed his first live show in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event. Headlining a party that included College (of Drive fame), Sunglasses Kid showcased tracks from his forthcoming album, Graduation, playing live to a buzzing crowd.


Sunglasses Kid will be back supporting College in April after a screening of the cult movie Drive by Nightspot Cinema, and will return to Amsterdam later this year for a launch party to mark Graduation being released on vinyl via indie label, Urban Road Records.


"Graduation" by Sunglasses Kid

Track list:


Graduation (instrumental)

80’s Baby (feat. Rhyme Time and Geneva)

Can’t Hide (feat. Miranda Carey)

Venice Beach (feat. Phaserland) [Instrumental]

Just Another Day (feat. I Am Harlequin)

Boyz Will B Boyz (feat. Myrone) [Instrumental]

Without You (feat. JJ Mist)

Bitter Reaction (Instrumental)

Runaway (feat. SJBRAVO)

Friday Night (Instrumental)

Sunshine (feat. D/A/D) [Instrumental]

Live dates:


28th April - DJ Set. London, Nightspot Cinema presents Drive, at Mick’s Garage.

May - Live show. Amsterdam, venue TBC