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Sophomore album coming this November 2020

The long-awaited sequel to Sunglasses Kid's debut album, Graduation is coming this November.

Guest starring some of the original class from the Graduation album, Sunglasses Kid has also collaborated with new kids on campus.

New Jack Swing is back with Jay Diggs

One of the stand out tracks on the album is Chill - a 90s New Jack throwback featuring Jay Diggs. Fresh from his smash 80s funk cover of WAP which went viral, Jay lends his brand of smooth RnB vocals and rap flow over this banger that's out now. In other exciting news, New York based agency Metabomb Design are busy working on an animated music video for Chill which will use a mixture of CG and hand-drawn animation to bring this song fully to life.

Includes synthwave hit, Stranger Love

The album also includes the hit song Stranger Love with Ollie Wride, with over 900K plays and counting, the song was featured earlier this year on British reality drama, Made In Chelsea.

Sophomore also has cameos from Phaserland, All The Damn Vampires and Johnny Silva, who provide guitars for tracks across the album.

Primo The Alien brings a funky 80s retro jam

The first single from the album, Fixing Me With Love is a pure banger and with Primo's huge vocals and SK's funky beats, the song is an instant classic, also out now.

Synthwave, retropop, 80s and 90s beats

The album also includes a funky instrumental featuring guitarist Holoflash, a dark pop ballad with Megan McDuffee feat. All The Damn Vampires, not one but two huge retro funky 80s pop tracks from SJ Bravo and another epic double bill with Miranda Carey, including a 90s chill slow jam guest starring saxophonist Pulsar Sax.

The Making Of Sophomore

Sunglasses Kid joined forces with Aztec Records again (the team behind Graduation), and worked with Israel Medina, who mixed Stranger Love, to get the whole album mixed to a level that aims to surpass Graduation. Sophomore will again be mastered by Tom Frampton (Calvin Harris, Tiesto, David Guetta) whose steady hand is guiding the album into its final stages.

Out This November

Sophomore is coming out this November with Aztec Records. Follow Sunglasses Kid on Instagram @sunglasseskidmusic and Twitter and Facebook @sunglasseskid for the latest news and pre-order links.


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