Sunglasses Kid is a British music producer who takes you out of the daily grind and into a world of pure nostalgia. His music is a mix of vocal driven pop and romantic electronic instrumentals, influenced by the music, movies, and fashion of the late 80s and early 90s.

Sunglasses Kid has composed music for commercials for Ten's Sunglasses and Friday 13th The Game. His album, Graduation, landed in 2017 and features a mix of upcoming and signed artists including Miranda Carey, Phaserland, Rhyme Time (from House of Lewis), I Am Harlequin and JJ Mist.


He co-produced Beyond Memory with Richard X (Sugarbabes) for synthpop artist, Nina's debut album, Sleep Walking and has remixed tracks for Futurecop!, D/A/D, Diamond Field, Phantom Ride, StereoSpread, The Backlit Infinite, and Step Rockets. 

Sunglasses Kid has also worked with a host of other retrowave artists, including Kristine, Highway Superstar, Dana Jean Phoenix, Myrone, The Boy and Sister Alma, Leon Monroe, Iversen, Jay Diggs and more.

In 2017, Sunglasses Kid quickly built a reputation for his fun live shows. His physical performances on synthesizers are known for filling the dance floor, often attracting fun dance-offs led by dancers and singers who join him on stage.

Sunglasses Kid has steadily built a dedicated online following, with fans often describing his music as the "soundtrack to their lives". His message of positivity, youth and nostalgia has resonated with people of all ages and backgrounds, with fans in over fifty countries.

More about Sunglasses Kid...

In 2015, EDM Sauce included Sunglasses Kid in 25 EDM artists that bring back the 80s saying, "Sunglasses Kid has a huge passion for eighties culture and the music matches the obsession. There’s plenty of innocent vibes and feel-good synthpop that will keep you coming back for more."


In 2013 Sunglasses Kid released his debut EP, "Unpredictable". It received glowing reviews from Earmilk and Electronic Rumors and quickly got the attention and respect of the underground synthwave scene. Portals music describes Sunglasses Kid as an "80s cinematic pop mason with stunning instrumentals".


His debut album Graduation, was released in 2017 with Aztec Records. It features a massive mix of artists including rapper Rhyme Time from House Of Lewis, singer-songwriters I Am Harlequin, Miranda Carey, JJ Mist and SJBRAVO, as well as tracks featuring some of the biggest names in the underground synthwave and new retrowave  genre, including Phaserland and Cobra Kai composer, D/A/D.


In October 2016, Sunglasses Kid gave his debut live performance at Urban Road Records' Night At The Arcade 1984 party during Amsterdam Dance Event, the world's biggest dance music event, with Maethelvin, TimeCop and College (A Real Hero).

In 2017 Sunglasses Kid again joined College and Timecop 1983 at Nightspot Cinema's Drive screening after-party (Mick's Garage, Hackney Wick). In the summer, Sunglasses Kid returned to Amsterdam for the second Night Arcade club night, with his first full live show, joining synthwave artists, TimeCop 1983 and Daniel Deluxe at the packed out Overtoom Warehouse. At Retro Future Fest 2017, fans travelled from across Europe and the US to see Sunglasses Kid play, and he joined fellow Aztec Records artist, Nina, on stage to play keys on "80s Girl", a song he co-wrote with Nina for her debut album, Sleep Walking. His hour set also saw him joined on stage by singer/songwriter Japhy Saatchi for their new track, Corruptin' Mind. Sunglasses Kid shared a stage again with Nina and Timecop 1983 at the packed out Clapham Grand for Outland 2017.

In 2019, Sunglasses Kid returned to Outland's famous London boat Party, DJ'ing alongside Morgan Willis, Highway Superstar and 80s Stallone. And in July he joined a lineup including Makeup and Vanity Set, Danger, Betamaxx, Le Brock, Duett and more for Retro Future Fest 3, where he was joined on stage by SJ Bravo.