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Composer for video, film and multimedia

Does your project need original music? Alongside my retro pop project Sunglasses Kid, I'm a composer specialising, not just in vintage vibes from the 80s and 90s, but also cinematic, ambient and contemporary music for commercials, theatre, short films and music libraries.

Whether you want a standalone song, instrumental or score to picture that hits every cue, I can deliver music that will help you tell your brand's story. 

Contact me if your project needs:

  • ambient electronic soundscapes

  • cinematic and percussive moments

  • dark edgy moods

  • organic textural uplifting

  • retro moods - 80s pop and synthwave, 90s pop, hip hop and new age ambient

  • Voice over - I also do voiceover work. If your project would benefit from a baritone British accent (ranging from well spoken "posh" to typical London / South), I can deliver V.O and audio editing too. This makes me an easy one-stop shop for projects that need narration.

Keep scrolling to hear examples of my work and how I can support you with your project. You can contact me via the website to discuss your project further.

​​How I work


Depending on your project, ideally you'll provide a brief or have time to talk over the story, main beats or moments, key cues etc. We'll get a sense of the general emotion / palette of sounds you're after - e.g. electronic, organic, ambient, upbeat etc and agree durations.

I can deliver demos based on your storyboards at concept stage, help you shape briefs, or work to a final cut or concept.



Every project is different, and price depends on scale, complexity, deliverables and deadlines. After discussing the detail of your project, I'll provide you a quote. I'm flexible and affordable for most small to medium sized projects.


  • Mixes

    • Stems options: If needed, I can deliver multi-track stems, allowing you to adjust the levels of individual parts in the music e.g. drums, pianos, strings, pads etc, giving you total control in the edit.

    • Mastering: Mastering is not included in my quote. Depending on your needs and expectations, this is something I can out-source or do in-house.

  • Video file format: I compose in Cubase 11. Video files ideally will be delivered to me in MP4 (low res 640x360 is perfect for keeping projects manageable).

​​Examples of my work

Vogue Portugal Augmented Reality Editorial with Nuno Da Costa, The Hard Drive and Neil Moodie

Teaser trailer for Helios Life Enterprises voice analysis software

Retroglow Studios aerobics commercial

Friday The 13th The Game Trailer

Tens Sunglasses commercial: "Instant Summer Vision"