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"Holding on" Single Review: Portals Music

Sunglasses Kid is a brazen 80s cinematic pop mason. The British beatmaker suspends layers of smoky synth pads with synthetic brass blasts, plasters on some digitized bass slaps, weighs the whole track down with bounding percussive crunches and sprays on a fresh coat of sparkling chrome guitar solos. It’s certain that Sunglasses Kid has an intriguing obsession with 80s pop culture and just so happens to deliver the goods with a handful of stunning instrumentals...


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25 EDM Artists with 80s style: EDM Sauce

This British producer started just a couple years ago with a huge passion for eighties culture and the music matches the obsession.


There’s plenty of innocent vibes and feel-good synthpop from Sunglasses Kid that will keep you coming back for more.

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"Unpredictable"   EP Review: Electronic Rumors

London SynthWave producer Sunglasses Kid released a new EP this past weekend. He’s released some really cool tunes, over the past few months, that have seen him push himself to the front of the SynthWave pack.


With a real grasp on authentic 80s Pop sounds, and a good handle on arrangement too, he’s done nothing but impress. The new EP, Unpredictable, is a slick six tracks of classic ElectroPop collaborations.


The highlight of the EP has to be a team-up with Leon Monroe and Highway Superstar titled, Summer Nights. Summer Nights is an easy going slice of summertime Pop with an almost Tropical groove.


Monroe’s breezy vocal and Highway Superstar’s sax work really set the tune apart, the sax particularly capturing the mid-80s beach party mood of the tune and drawing you into it. The track show’s off Sunglasses Kids deftness with 80s SynthPop, never heavy-handed or pastiche with it, the Kid just seems to ‘get’ how 80s Pop worked.


Greek retro Power Pop vocalist Kristine put in an appearance on Time In Time, an exotic track that layers it’s enigmatic atmosphere with some nice orchestral hits and a Boogie laden beat.


The Boy & Sister Alma’s turn at the mic sees them taking part in a moody soundtrack piece, full off evocative chords and a racing beat ripe for a montage.


Elsewhere on the EP your find contributions from the likes of D/A/D and Bret Grace. It’s a confident release that shows off Sunglasses Kid as a true talent on the scene, and one that effortlessly moves beyond the confines of the genre. Well worth checking out.


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"Time in Time" feat. Kristine: Earmilk

Kristine has been keeping herself quite busy these days. In the past month alone, she’s been featured with Dance With The Dead, FM Attack, and now Sunglasses Kid.


Their new track, “Time In Time” is ’80s-infused funk from the Unpredictable EP.


It’s uncanny how familiar this song is, almost like a record rescued from a time-capsule.


Kristine’s voice and the walking bass do most of the work, while everything comes out in the perfect measurement.  With the synthetic brass and bright synths, it’s hard to imagine someone incredibly deft at distilling a decade, but here it is: the ‘80s in 2013, “Time in Time.”


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