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Tens Sunglasses and Sunglasses Kid make viral 80s commercial

When the guys behind online radio station Poolside FM and Tens sunglasses asked me if I was interested in making some music for their 80s inspired spoof infomercial, I was like, err YES FREAKING PLEASE!

So the Director of Tens, Marty Bell, is also behind Poolside FM, a website that streams 80s archive video to the soundtrack of emerging soundcloud artists who make cool retro electro - it's basically Last FM but only awesome retro synth music is allowed.

Via Poolside, I've had a butt-load of plays and engagement on my soundcloud, and so I was really excited to discover that connection.

The Tens infomercial is losely inspired by an old infomercial I was already familiar with (and actually briefly sampled for an intro to my Unpredictable EP) and so when Tens mentioned it as a reference, I instantly new what they wanted.

After a few ideas got bounced around, we settled on an existing track of mine called Last Days Of Sun, which got a special edit and some extra guitars courtesy of my synthwave buddy Phaserland to give it some extra oomph!

I really hope you love the video and share it with anyone who likes the 80s, or sunglasses, or 80s sunglasses - or just digs shots of attractive people running on beaches...

Last Days Of Sun was composed, recorded and performed by Sunglasses Kid. Original guitars were recorded and performed by Phaserland. Copyright Sunglasses Kid 2015.

Last Days of Sun is available to buy on Bandcamp >

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