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Graduation day - new album coming soon

I promised an album last year and never delivered, so I hope I won't make the same mistake twice!

Touch wood the album will drop late 2015 and Aztec Records will probably have some small hand in it.

I've worked with some fantastic artists on this album including rapper Atheist, who's part of the rap group House Of Lewis. He's been getting some mad attention lately, and this September is at Chillfest where he's warming the stage for T-Pain.

I also have onboard Aussie songstress Miranda Carey which is awesome, as we've collab'd on a couple of really fun songs in the past - you can listen to them on my soundcloud.

Also joining me will be my good mate Phaserland who'll be bringing his epic guitars to a new upbeat funky pop track. Phaserland was the dude behind the wailing solo on the Tens sunglasses commercial I wrote music for.

Newer faces on the album include the exceptionally talented SJBRAVO who's singing on a huge emotional ballad we cowrote which I think promises to be one of the highlights of the album.

Long time collaborator Leon Monroe is also back lending his smooth vocals to a huge New Jack Swing pop jam we cowrote that will be giving you huge late 80s feels!

The album is called Graduation. It will be around 10 tracks long, and may feature instrumental versions of tracks with singers as bonus DLs.

No promises but there may also be a limited addition cassette tape run so please don't forget to Like me on Facebook and follow on twitter @sunglasseskid to stay up to date with the latest SK news.

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