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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween kids. I spent mine lounging on the sofa eating candy corns, drinking whisky and coke, and watching The Lost Boys - cos that's just how I roll! 🎃🎃🎃

And to celebrate the most 80s of festivals, I made a synthwave cover of I Still Believe, the song in the Lost Boys that the sexy sax man plays on the boardwalk. Yeah, you know the one!


And because you're reading my blog, that makes you my most awesomest fan! And awesome fans get awesome goodies - so here's a cool secret Halloween treat... you get to download my synthwave cover of I Still Believe... for free!

Or if you'd prefer to listen to the tune first, check it out below!


Be sure to tune into the Beyond Synth Podcast as I'll be joining Andy Last to talk synthwave, movies, and you can listen to us react to drunk Orson Welles.

For updates on Beyond Synth visit >

Now I know you're dying to know about the album which is taking longer than expected! Grrrr. It may not hit you until the New Year. Ugh, my bad!

BUT! More artists have joined the Class of 2015/2016, promising to make the Graduation party even bigger and better! So in the mean time, you can listen to my 80s jams on soundcloud here >

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