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What's that? You want to know when my album is coming out? You want to be the first to get news, freebies and other cool offers? You want to be my bestest fwend?

If you answered yes to any, or all of these questions, then you need to sign up to my newsletter now!

First, I'ma gonna say it - don't worry! I'm not planning to block your fax machine, or jam up your answer phone, I'll only be reaching out when I have something really special to say.

And it's not just about me trying to sell you premium stock (tip - blue horse-shoe loves Anecot Steel) - it's also cos I want to stay connected to you. You complete me.

And just like the 80s, these are some crazy times we're living in, and you never know when Soundcloud will be the next Block Buster Video. And I don't wanna lose my fans/reciprocal followers/stalkers when we have another market crash!

So wherever the tide takes me, and wherever my music is, I want you coming with me! And the best way to stay connected, is for you to sign up to my newsletter.

OK. That's it bud! The pitch is over. Join Team SK today, you won't regret it pal...

Sunglasses Kid.

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