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Friday 13th The Game trailer music by Sunglasses Kid

I was lucky enough to be approached by the awesome guys at Gun Media to compose music for a trailer for cult hit online game, Friday 13th - where you're the killer or the prey at Camp Crystal Lake.

To be part of this amazing project is so awesome. I was actually in talks with the team very early on, when it was a little known indie project called Summer Camp that had the original Friday 13th composer, Harry Manfredini, and 80s horror makeup legend, Tom Savini, attached to the then-top secret project.

After a few skypes and talks with game creator Wes, it went eerily quiet until they re-emerged with news they had the rights to make it an official Friday 13th game!

After a few demos that didn't quite fit, it looked like I wasn't going to end up part of the project, until suddenly the folk at Gun decided to upgrade characters with 80s swimwear and the Sunglasses Kid sound was in demand!

Inspired by the music they'd heard me write for the Tens sunglasses spoof 80s infomercial that went viral, they wanted something with a similar sunny vibe.

I knew this would need 80s guitars so I worked with my pal Myrone, who is not only a fantastic composer, but a top-shelf session guitarist.

When the Gun team were suddenly given a surprise chance to premiere the trailer at PAX West gaming convention in Seattle, things became truly terrifying, as guitars were still being worked on and they needed the track ASAP!

As if by telepathic magic, Myrone sent me his guitars minutes after the emergency email, and with ten minutes to download stems, mix guitars, master the track, bounce, and we-transfer to Gun, it was a like a tense 80s hacking montage.

Never have I been so relieved to see the 'download confirmed' email when it looked like there was a chance there'd not be enough time to use the version with guitars! Phew.

With over 700K YouTube plays on an unofficial upload, 127K on Gun's YouTube, 200K on their Facebook and 11K on my Soundcloud, it's safe to say the track has broken a million hits in a month! INSANE. And a Twitter mention from Wes Keltner, the game's creator, doesn't hurt the hit count!

Friday 13th Springbreak trailer

Well here it is! The Friday 13th the Game 'Springbreak 1984' DLC trailer with Sunglasses Kid soundtrack.

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