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Clapham Grand hosts Sunglasses Kid for Outland 2017

I was so happy to be back with friends Timecop 1983 and Nina at Outland 2017, London's biggest synthwave event. Joining us was veteran producer 80s Stallone, and live band Neon Lines.

The event had hoped to screen Blade Runner to celebrate the sequel's release, but licensing complications meant they had to settle for another Gosling 80s themed movie, Drive. But with Blade Runner themed cocktails, and Gosling in the 2049 movie, it felt like an appropriate replacement.

With a much bigger venue, VIP theatre boxes, lasers a huge stage, this was my biggest show yet.

I opened the set with my new track Night Swim, which was featured on the new Friday 13th game trailer, and played through a number of tracks off my Graduation album.

You can watch me perform Night Swim live on the embedded video below or view it on YouTube

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