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Sunglasses Kid and UJAM create Stranger synths

Exciting New Presets for Usynth STRANGER by Sunglasses Kid!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've created an exclusive collection of presets for UJAM's Usynth STRANGER! This expansion is all about dark, mystical soundscapes and brings a sonic toolbox of otherworldly textures right to your fingertips. Inspired by groundbreaking sci-fi series of the last decade, Usynth STRANGER is perfect for anyone looking to add some retro, cinematic vibes to their music production

What's Inside?

  • A wide array of sounds including Arps, Atmos, Basses, Brass, Keys, Leads, Pads, Picked, Poly, Sequences, and Strings.

  • A revolutionary interface that allows you to create your own sounds without needing any prior synthesizer knowledge.

  • A powerful synthesizer engine featuring virtual analog, FM, wavetable, and multisampler technologies.

Why Usynth STRANGER? STRANGER’s aesthetic is focused on warm, retro, saturated sounds, making it ideal for ambient, electronic, film scores, and game soundtracks. It's a versatile tool that offers everything from ambient pads to punchy leads and intricate sequences. The easy-to-use interface makes sound creation intuitive and fun, even if you're not a synth programming expert.

Exclusive Presets by Sunglasses Kid I'm super excited to share that Usynth STRANGER now includes 50 presets that I designed. These presets are infused with my signature nostalgic sound, perfect for cinematic 80s, pop, synthwave, and retro instrumentals. Whether you're scoring a film, producing a synthwave track, or just looking to add some vintage flavor to your music, these presets will help you get there.

Try It Out! I invite you all to test Usynth STRANGER and explore these new presets. You can try it for 7 days without any limitations. Head over to Usynth STRANGER to start your trial and dive into the world of dark mystical soundscapes.


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