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Tens and SK team up again for 80s Christmas commercial

When Marty (not McFly) from Tens sunglasses asked me back to write another song for their new 80s Christmas commercial, it was a no-brainer. Out today, the new VHS style ad is a snowy dream!

This time, the turnaround was scary fast. I had to write the song really quickly. I had the first mix complete in 24 hours ready for review! Phew.

It was also an epic challenge as there were several moments in the video I had to hit, which made this more like a film scoring project.

So the opening went through lots of changes to get the tone just right. But Marty really knew what he wanted, and references included Van Halen and Dire Straits.

Eventually the opening and atmosphere was just right. That's when I got on Skype to Phaserland for some guitars to add the final 80s flavour.

So here's the video in all its snowy 80s goodness!

You can listen to the full song "To Another Place" on my soundcloud.

I called the track "To Another Place" as I was inspired by the commercial and the idea that the Tens sunglasses will transport you to another place - an 80s world of neverending fun!

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