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Ollie Wride and Sunglasses Kid drop 80s synthwave ballad

Last night, me and Ollie Wride (lead singer on FM84's 'Running In The Night'), dropped an epic 80s synthwave ballad called "Stranger Love".

The song's about complex relationships that still work, despite their ups and downs.

I produced the track and co-wrote it with talented Ollie, who'll be performing it at his nearly sold out solo show at the brand new London venue, Lafayette, in the super cool Granary Square, Kings Cross district. You can still get tickets to see Ollie and supporting act, Nina, plus maybe other secret guests (hint, hint), but only if you hurry!

With Stranger Love, we knew we both wanted that classic synthwave sound, so there's the recognisable big Korg Polysix bass ducking under huge snares and mellow pumping pads - but Ollie's vocal then took it to a new emotional and anthemic level, that we're both really proud of.

Mixing the track was a true team effort, with another synthwave legend, Michael Oakley, getting stuck in with some of the heavy lifting, pulling my mix into shape. Then one of Michael's behind-the-scene's collaborators, and talented engineer, Israel Medina, finessed the final mix.

Getting its release with New Retro Wave, the song is already streaming on NRW's YouTube and lands in all digital stores soon.

I had a lot of fun producing this track, and spent one very late night making a little unofficial lyric video you can watch on my IGTV.

The song hit over 10,000 plays in less than a day, and the response has been awesome! A particularly big thank you to New Retro Wave and their fans for keeping the 80s alive and Liking the track on YouTube.

Want Stranger Love in your next creative project?

If you'd like to license Stranger Love for your next awesome movie, commercial, video-game, TV series or creative amazing project - please contact me via the Sunglasses Kid contact form on my website, or email me at

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