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"Cinematic 80s" Preset Pack by Sunglasses Kid for Baby Audio's BA-1 Synth Plugin

I created my first preset pack in collaboration with Baby Audio, a company I love. Out now, is "Cinematic 80s", 64 presets I designed for the BA-1 Synth, available to buy today as part of a collection of Expansion packs by artists including my Synthwave bro, Michael Oakley. As well as hopefully some pretty cool sounds, you'll enjoy diving into the preset names that are loaded with 80s Easter Eggs referencing movies, music and sounds that inspired the pack.

Check out the demo I just dropped on Soundcloud that showcases 23 of the 64 sounds you'll be able to play with.

Effects are the new BA-1 FX Strip, and drums are my trade secret you'll never discover.

Visit to get the collection of expansion packs, including "Cinematic 80s", today for the special reduced price of $29 USD (Usually $49)


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