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New single "Major Heist" is OUT NOW

The first single from my forthcoming album "Internal Affairs" is out now. "Major Heist" is an instrumental I first shared last year on my Instagram and TikTok with the caption "P.O.V: It's 1986 and you're getting away clean from a major heist."

The track went viral on Instagram with 6.3 million plays, 317K Likes and the audio shared in reels posted by FIFA, The Rugby Union, The Rugby World Cup and hundreds of other brands and influencers inspired by its epic 80s sound.

The track was inspired by neo noir crime thrillers from the 80s and 90s.

Behind the making of Major Heist

The track started its life as a test of Baby Audio's new Transit plugin they kindly gifted me. The virtual effect is a kind of one-stop-shop for transition effects with a big knob that automates multiple FX applied at one time. One preset bent the sound in a driving haunting way when applied to a big synth note running through reverb, giving it this huge guitar-like sound without it being a guitar. I instantly knew I was on to something. The track is made up of lots of layers of plucked synths playing polyrhythms and filtering in and out as big pad chords descend and ascend. The opening build is unpredictable as the polyrhythms keep you guessing as to when drums will finally kick in half time at 70bpm, giving an epic feel to the piece.

New album "Internal Affairs"

Major Heist is the first single from the new album "Internal Affairs" coming this summer, 2024 and will feature 20 tracks from my "P.O.V" series of vibes and demos I shared with social media followers in 2023.


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